Endangered Animals

Austin Schmidt

Amur Leopard

they are one of the rarest cats and that have a speed of 37 miles an hour that is about a healthy humans speed and they live up to 10-15 years in the wild they weight about 71 – 110 lbs their length is about 4.5 feet and they are about 2.5 feet tall. if these come endangered we might have an over populated animal land which this animal kinda helps with that but it's also a good thing because they give us food and if the Amur leopard is gone then we wont have to deal with a shortage of food

Black rhino

These are endangered because people kill them they live in south Africa i'm guessing that they have been hunted for around 2-6 years what happens when they go extinct it takes 350,000 dollars to kill or to hunt a black rhino they are one of the more armored type of animal and it takes a lot to kill it HINT: you better kill it before it kills you. "and if it chases you RUN" and they don't hunt people people hunt them for their horns.

some more endangered animals

how we can stop it

Stop killing them

How we can stop these animals from being instinct is to stop people from hunting to let the animals roam the earth in peace but we are no letting it happen we are taking them away from their home and killing them. Another way is to stop with people getting guns and stop letting people buy them from store's.