Columbian Exchange

What is the Columbian Exchange?

Have you ever heard or wondered what the Columbian Exchange is? The Columbian Exchange is something that happened a long time ago, including the America's and the Europeans. They traded goods and sometimes things that weren't as good. For example, horses and cattle were a good trade because cattle provided us with food and entertainment, horses also made things like cattle restling, and traveling turn or change from months, days, weeks or even years into...... MOMENTS! In my opinion I think that potatoes weren't the best trade at all, because they aren't that good in taste, and they brought a deadly fungus. To average it out, I think that the Columbian Exchange, made life great now!!

Is this a positive or negetive cause?


  • Gave the poor some more food
  • Made a healthy diet for everyone
  • Helped us discover more things
  • Negetive:
  • Potoes brought a deadly fungus
  • It's diseases killed many, many people
  • Scarred many people like, the new animals and other things