Rolling plains

Texas, Texas

The rolling plains Texas is a very dry place but with beautiful plants, animals and wonderful landmarks

For example, most of the animals are used to live without a lot of water, and learned how to survive in hot climates. The climate in the rolling plains ranges from 95+ degrees and 38 degrees. There is little rain of an average of 22in in a year. Major cities are Amarillo, Lubbock , Odessa, and midland. Landmarks are the brazos river the red river and the trinity river.

Animals and plants


There is many plants and animals in the rolling plains. Some of the animals are the black footed Ferret. The black footed Ferret is endangered, and is in the weasel family. It's niche is prairie dogs, ground squirrels, small rodents rabbits, and birds. They live in the Great Plains. They are 6in tall 18-24in long 1.5-2.5 lbs. their predators are the bobcat, eagle, owls, coyotes ect. The ferret lives about 2-4 years in the wild and 8-9 as a pet. Another one of these endangered species is the Texas kangaroo rat. This rat is very small jumping rodent. The kangaroo rat lives in the desert and eats mostly seeds and grasses. The predators are the owls, snakes, Bobcats, foxes, badgers, ringtails, and a cat or a dog.
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More plants and animals!

Endangered plants and animals:

Black footed ferret

Aguave plant

Palo Douro mouse.

Buffalo grass

American peregrine falcon.

Mountain plover

Sand dune lizard

Burrowin growl

Least tern

Mountain plover

Kangaroo rat

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