6 Traits of Writing

Luke Wade

1- idea

Creating an idea is the first step of writing.

  • Choose a topic that interests you and fits the assignment
  • Include details such as facts, statistics, examples, and thoughts/feelings


Organization makes the writing look neat

  • organization lets your writing flow smoothly


  • speak in an engaging way that keeps readers wanting more
  • show rather than tell

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4-Word Choice

  • use specific nouns and verbs
  • use exciting adverbs and adjectives
  • use a thesaurus

5-Sentence Fluency

  • combine short, choppy sentence into longer sentence smoother ones
  • use variety of sentence beginnings and legnths
  • use simple, compound, and complex sentences


  • use evaluation sheet to revise
  • edit using COPS

Conventions Rockin' the Six Traits of Writing

Writing Process


  • determine ideas for your writing


  • research your topic
  • set up your outline

Compose (rough draft)

  • the first piece of writing


  • appraise your writing


  • to show mistakes to allow changing


  • make the changes that you showed in Revising


  • hand in you work

Write Tools

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  • T-Tables are made to assemble and organize your writing.

Core 4 topic sentences

  • simple statement is a statement that is to the point
  • number statement includes a number to set of the big ideas
  • question is a question that interests the reader into the topic
  • situation/stance situation introduces the topic, stance states point of topic

Main Ideas

  • Main Ideas are (yellow) set off the details for the topic


  • Details tell about the Main ideas which lead to the topic


  • Conclusions are the result of a process

Color scheme

  • Green is the topic sentence and conclusion
  • Yellow is main ideas
  • red is details