The followers are called jews

The Religion Of The Jews

This religion is a monotheism (a religion that believes in only 1 god).The religion of the Jews study the Torah. They follow the god,including 10 commanders. The god of Israel considers all people equal.Some only eat kosher foods which is no pork, shellfish, or mixing of meat and meat products. Both the girl (bat) and the boy (bar) can have a bar/bat mitzvah when they are 13 years old.The holy place of this religion is the western wall ( sometimes called the wailing wall) in Jerusalem. Both the god and the common figure is Abraham (not the president)all 3 of the religions believe in abraham. The holy book is called the tanakh or torah. The holidays are Rosh Houshana, Yom Kippur, passover, and the most common (Hanakkah).The worship leader is called a Rabbi which teaches the Torah. The place of worship is the synagogue.

Place Of Worship