100 Days in School!


Hello Room 103 families,

I'm sure you've all heard that today was our 100th day in school! Which is quite an event here. From our very first day of school, the class began keeping track of the number of days we have been in school. As part of our morning calendar routine, we add one straw to our hundreds pocket chart, then count our straws. We have single straws, bundles of 10's, and now we have a bundle of 100 straws. This daily routine is setting the foundation for learning place value.

As we approached our 100th day (somewhere around day 80), the kids began to realize our big day was coming and the excitement started to build.

Each Kindergarten teacher prepared a 100th Day activity and the class got to visit each room for about 30 minutes. First, our kids went to Mr. Cohn's class, where they worked in small groups to build a tower with 100 cups (apparently our class holds the record for tallest tower). Next, they made a stop in Mrs. Murillo's room, where they dipped their hands in paint to create 100 rainbow hand prints. After that, the class visited Mrs. Wong, where they worked as a team to fill in missing numbers on a 100's chart. Finally, at the end of the day, they did my activity - a number hunt. I wrote the numbers 1-100 on dots and hid them all around the room. The kids were given their own hundreds chart, and sent off to find numbers. Whenever they found a number, they colored it in on their 100's chart.

We had a blast all day.

Thank you all for giving me an amazing 100 days of school so far. We have such a caring and supportive community in our classroom and I appreciate all the work you guys are doing at home and here at school. I'm excited to see what the Kinders will do in our last 80 days together.


Miss Siobhan

P.S. I sent home two 100 Day activities in the Wednesday folder that you can do to celebrate the day!

100th Day

Things for your Calendar

Thursday 2/18 - PTA meeting at 6:30

Friday 2/19 - Return book bags, and communication folders

Friday 2/19 - Book orders due

Monday 2/22 - Monday Morning Reading

Saturday 3/12 - Silent Auction!

Friday 3/18 - Math and Science Night