Most people can name at least three colors

Tips to Select the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Selecting the ideal bridesmaid dresses for your girls is often a challenging decision – but, with the right attitude and a few helpful tips, it can also be quite a bit of fun. While everyone is going to have their own, unique opinion, it’s the bride’s special day, so they have the final say-so. Keep in mind, there’s a fine line between trying to please all the bridesmaids’ and keeping the vision for the day intact – the key is to find balance. Some tips to help a bride achieve that balance can be found here.

Consider the Style

The bride is supposed to be the star of the show, but it’s important to make sure the looks coordinate. If the bride is going to be wearing a busy dress, featuring quite a bit of lace, details or beading, then keep the bridal party dresses simpler. However, make sure the fabrics work together. It’s a good idea to ask for swatches before making a decision.

Skin Tones and Dress Color

Most people can name at least three colors that don’t go well with their skin tone. Remember, trending colors, such as champagne and blush, don’t look great on everyone. Be sure to consider each bridesmaids’ skin tone to make sure they get a dress they feel good in. If there’s someone that is interested, a spray tan can help extensively.

Body Types and Dress Styles

Remember, no dress works great for all body types. However, the A-line dress style is usually flattering across the board. If there are ladies of all shapes and sizes, this may be the best option. It’s also a good idea to consider mismatched dresses – which is becoming a more popular trend.

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