Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 3, 12th August 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Monday 15th August - BOT Meeting, 6:30pm
  • Friday 19th August - Wacky Hair Day for Child Cancer
  • Friday 9th September - School Cross Country
  • Friday 23rd September - Grandparent's Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to strive to do my best

Te reo phrase of the week: kia ngawari o ringa (gentle hands)

Kia ora,

After living within the Covid affected era of the last couple of years, it is extremely pleasing to welcome back the existing Board of Trustees members for another term. In times of uncertainty it really helps to keep stable personnel in key positions, which will help Matapu School continue to go from strength to strength. In case you missed the mid-week notice, Gemma Adams, Brent Espin, Nathan Joyce, Kurt Parry, and Hillary Pettit have been elected as our new Board team. Nikaela Boshier has been re-elected as our staff representative.

I would like to thank Glen Jordan and Emma Hunt for their service on the Board of Trustees. Glen has been on the board since 2016 where he has excelled at bringing enthusiasm, community engagement, and continuity to the board. Emma has been the Board secretary since 2015 and has done an amazing job of preparing documents and recording the minutes. We thank both of these wonderful people for their service.

Healthy School

This is just a quick reminder that Matapu School is a healthy school and strictly adheres to our water only policy. We have noticed that a few students are coming to school with Raro, water drops, etc. in their drink bottles. Please support us by ensuring that your child only drinks water at school.

Room 3 Update

Chelsea Werder will no longer be taking over Room 3 this term. Luckily for us, we have secured the experienced services of Cushla Best who will be starting on Monday 5th September and working through until the end of the year.

Today was Dale West’s last day. We held a special assembly for her this morning, where all of the classes shared some fond memories and the Board presented her with a gift. I would like to thank Dale for her hard work and I wish her all the very best for her future endeavours in Christchurch.

Matapu History Fact

The war memorial in the school grounds was unveiled by the Mayor of Hawera on October 6 1920, in the presence of a large number of people.

As of today we currently have no Covid cases within our student population.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

School Notices

Values Awards

Room 1 - Josef for greeting staff and students in the morning.

Room 2 - Savannah, your attitude to learning and ceaseless ambition makes you a role model!

Room 3 - Caden for always putting in 100% effort and striving to do your best.

Room 4 - Krystal for being a kind and a friendly part of the room 4 team and always helping others! Ka Pai!

Room 5 - Zyden for the great effort you are putting in to your learning! Ka Pai!

Room 6 - Aaliyah for showing great independence and effort in writing. You can write whole sentences by yourself!


Kaua e mate wheke, mate ururoa!

Don't fight like an octopus, fight like a hammerhead shark!

Take the challenge and never give up!

Hawera Touch Module

Hawera Touch Module at Turuturu Soccer Grounds will begin Week 8 of Term 3 (Thursday 15th September) every Thursday after school. We are organising teams from Years 0-8 and need you to fill in the attached Google Form by following the link below. The cost to register and play is $15 per child.

Click here to sign your child up for Touch. You will need to fill out individual forms for each child. Please fill in the form before Friday 26th of August.

We will not accept any late entries.

Student Update - By Nazeer & Cooper

On Thursday Whaea Esther came into Room One and taught us how to make a cold frame.

It is used to grow seed and tomatoes in the winter, it is sort of a small greenhouse. It is very simple to make and does not require many materials.

How to Make a Cold Frame


8x even sized boards

8x corner blocks


Plastic to make a cover

Weed mat


1. Make a frame by nailing 4 boards together and then sticking 1 corner block in each corner and then repeat to make a second frame.

2. Line one frame with weed mat and then fill it with seed raising mix. This is the bottom frame.

3. Cover the other frame with plastic to make a lid. This is the top frame.

You now have a cold frame that works like a mini greenhouse.

Room 1

The Maker Projects in Room One are coming along really well! It's so exciting to see the kids engaged in what they are making and sharing their learning with each other.

Some projects are nearing completion and the students are getting ready to present their findings and final product to the class and then choose the next one. They have also been asked to make some heat packs for the office to use when kids get injured.

Room 2

We have had a great week, engineering and designing. Aumangea Taima is all about 5 key skills: Enable, tenacity, focus, wonder, invent and evaluate. These are real world skills and the children are busy making bridges. Last week, they researched different types of bridges and then made prototypes of bridges out of cardboard. We got creative with some rolls of tape to create our 'troll', who needed to cross the river. Some bridges stayed up and some did not. Then we evaluated our designs and planned to make bridges today out of wood, dowel, chains etc. Watch this space to see what we have created!

Room 3

It has been a really great week in room 3! We designed and created marble runs on Wednesday in Aumangea Taima. Everyone worked hard with their buddy to problem solve for this challenge. We have also been training for cross country. We run for 10 minutes around the field each day. Then we make a note of how many laps we have done, in order to see our progress over time.

Room 4

It has been another amazing week in Room 4! Last Friday, we took advantage of the sun and worked in groups to see who could construct the tallest sandcastle in the sandpit. We learned quite a bit about how water can help or hinder a build! We shared our Matariki/Puanga art at a special assembly on Monday. We are learning about the three sounds /ed/ makes for spelling over the next three weeks. We have been getting outside as much as possible to train for the cross country race. Some of the students can pace themselves and complete 10 laps of the field!

Room 5

This term is all about cross country. Our aim in Room 5 is to get outside each day and practise by running laps around the school field. We are trying to make sure we are jogging the whole way, rather than starting off with a sprint and losing our energy too quickly. It is neat to hear from the kids who are running at home for practise.

In Literacy we have been learning all about the FLoSs rule. This is when you use a double consonant at the end of a word, usually these words end with an l, s, f or z. Room 5 practise spelling and reading these words, knowing that the rule is only used when the word is one syllable and it follows a vowel, e.g. miss, cuff, buzz, will.

Room 6

We got creative this week and made ‘fodder beet faces’ so we could send a video to Theo. Beaudy and his Dad got digging and brought the beets in for us, and we had a fun hour creating our masterpieces. Everyone was very proud of their creations!

Community Notices

Big picture
Big picture


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