Digital Citizenship

Being positive online

What is a Digital Citizen

A digital citizen is someone who is on a computer or phone or any digital device on the internet or any website or even texting or interacting with people.

Being a Positive Digital citizen

  • A couple of reasons to be positive online is because, if you want a job later in life they may not hire you because you have a negative background.
  • And if you get in trouble with the police, they can also look at your background and see if you have done anything wrong, if so they may arrest you if you have bad searches, and are also a suspect for a crime.


Internet Searching

Searching the internet effectivly.

You can search the internet by doing these things.
  • Put quotation marks around the word
  • Take out unneeded words or phrases
  • Triangulate your searching so your data is true
  • and double check that your data is from a reliable source like, .org, .net, mil,

What not to do on the internet

  • NEVER post mean things
  • NEVER post innappropriate pictures
  • NEVER cuss, or swear online
  • and NEVER send mean pictures to people about someone else


Branding is your profile for the good or bad online, so if you always post mean bad things online you don't have a very good profile online, but if you say nice kind things on the internet all the time you will have a good digital profile.

A persons creative rights

A persons creative rights are what they get credit for making or doing online. They can get a copyright and everything they make is there's nobody can steal there idea that way. And if someone steals there work they can get fined, or put in jail.

  • copyright so nobody can steal it
  • if stolen person could be put in jail
  • serious fines for stealing copyrighted information

Other Information [ Hackers ]

  • Hackers usually target teens, and older kids
  • try to steal money, social security number, or account information
  • Hackers can get thrown in jail or fined huge money

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