Moon Over Manifest

Clare Vanderpool project by logan

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Story Plot

Exposition Abilene's father (Gideon Tucker) put Abilene on a train so she can live with an old friend (Shady Howard) for the summer. .Abilene found a cigar box at Shady's house and it's full of letters,notes, mementos and a map from 1918. Abilene tells her friends(Lettie and Ruthanne everything about the cigar box.One of the letters from Ned Gillen is telling Jinx to be on the alert for the Rattler(a spy).Abilene and her friends have some suspects the butcher(Mr Simon) the ice man(Mr. Pickerton) and the barber(Mr. Copper)but then Abilene says "They aren't spys they are to nice to us to be a spy."Later that day Abilene Says" It is getting dark we should go home .Lettie says"I agree with Abilene"The next day Abilene went Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor to find some clues about who is the Rattler is. Miss Sadie told Abilene to sit down and pay three dimes if you want hear something about Abilene's father.So Abilene pays three dimes to about her dad.Miss Sadie tell Abilene she has something her dad had. Abilene gives Miss. Sadie the letter because Abilene lost the gold compass that her father gave to.

Miss Sadie tells Abilene the history of Manifest. Rising Action Abilene goes home and tells her friends about the history of Manifest. Lettie says "So did you find out who is the spy (the Rattler) Abilene says"No but, I found a lot about Manifest. Ruthane says "What did you find out. Abilene says I'll tell you.jinx was a bad boy because he always got into truble an hed wsa a good boy because he alwas did the right thing.Climax Abilene found her father and who the rattler is.Falling Action Abilene and her friends are looking thourgh the cigar box and Abilene father said" Abilene do you want to go home" Resolution Abilene and her father leave Manifest and go home.


The conflict of Moon Over Manifest is man vs society because Abilene is trying to find her father and the history of Manifest. Abilene can't find the history and her father because there's to much going on for Abilene she has school and her friends and to figure out who is the Rattler is.


The theme of Moon Over Manifest is believe in your self. Abilene feels abandoned she says she can't find her father and the Rattler alone. When believed in her self she found her father and who the Rattler is. All Abilene had to do was believe in her self.


  • The main characters are Abilene ,Miss Sadie and Jinx.
  • Jinx is really Gideon Tucker Abilene's father
  • The minor characters are Shady Howard, Ruthanne, Lettie, Hattie Mae Harper and Ned Gillen.
  • Abilene is trying to find the past of Manifest


If the setting and time period was changed Abilene would be a fifty year old woman and manifest would be destroyed so Abilene could not find out who is the rattler is and she can not find her father .

Character Analysis

The protagonist of Moon Over Manifest is Abilene because Abilene is asking every one very nicely to give some clues about her father.