Abel Tasman

the history of Abel Tasman

The start of Abel Tasman's life

he was born in 1603,in Netherlands in the village Lutjegast . Lutjegast was in the area Westerkwatier of Gorningen in the Netherlands.

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the New Holland

In the year 1642 the governor-general of Dutch East Indies , that is Anthony Van Dieman ordered Abel Tasman to explore and map the new Holland, land mass has been the cause of the Dutch shipwrecks.

the sail he took

he used the Heemskerck and the Zeehean to sail. he was heading south and east searching for southern land.But bad weather and cold forced him to head north

the Van Dieman's land

while he was heading north he found this land he named it Van Dieman's land known as Tasmania then he anchored the Frederick Henry Bay then his sailors went ashore when they were on shore they gathered firewood and water then they noticed there was no Aboriginals but they herd people in bushes once they gathered what they need they went back to sail but before they go back to sail they raised the Dutch flag and a pole with Dutch East India Company then they marked to claim possesion for the Netherlands.

after leaving Van Dieman's land a small fleet further east and discovered the islands of New Zealand