By: Brock Beeler

What does it mean to recycle?

Recycling is when you throw something in a yellow bin and then it gets reused by someone else. Sometimes you can recycle something like glass and it gets melted and changed into something else.

Why should you recycle?

You should recycle because then things dont go to the dump. The dump is where things go that just sit there and decompose into the ground. Sometimes it takes a long time for things to decompose and it is bad for the ground and air. When the dump gets a lot of things in it it doesnt decompose as easy so you should recycle.

Decomposing and time

Things take time to decompose.

Tin Can- 50 years

Glass Bottle- 1 million years

Disposable Diaper- 250-500 years

Wood- 200-30 years

Paper- 6 weeks

Plastic Grocery Bag- 20-1,000 years

Styrofoam Cup- 500 years to forever

Aluminum Can- 80-100 years

Cotton T-shit- 6 months

Apple Core- 2 months

It suprised me that it takes 1 million years for glass to decompose and the it could take forever for styrofoam to decompose.