Crossing the Border

The Country of India (The Indians)

When did Indians began to arrive in the U.S.?

Indian migrants began arriving in the U.S. as early as 1820. The Indian population has surged since the 1990's to be the second largest immigrant group in America after Mexicans.
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Why did the Indians come to the U.S.?

Like early Chinese and Japanese immigrants, most Indian arrivals were unskilled and uneducated farmers. Most came to the U.S. to work in agriculture in California.

How did the Indians get to the U.S.?

Most traveled by boat.
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What Immigration laws were in effect at the time?

The immigration acts of 1917 and 1924 effectively banned immigration from Asia, and brought the already low levels of migration of Indians to a halt.

How many Indians came to the U.S.?

In 1980 approximately 200,000 Indians migrated to the U.S.. By 2013 there were more than 2,000,000 Indian migrants in the U.S..

Where did the Indians settle?

Most Indians settled in California because all the agricultural opportunities.

What jobs did the Indians typically find?

Most Indian migrants found jobs on farms and in agricultural fields of work.
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How were immigrants from India treated?

Indians weren't really discriminated against, How ever the U.S. did put laws in place to prevent the Immigration.

How did Indians contribute to the U.S.?

What influence did the Indians have on the people in there homeland?

A lot of Indian migrants sent home money they saved up to their families. Also, a lot of Indians saw that others were successful and decided to go to the U.S..