Red Beach

By: Chase Wootton


This beach is located in China. It is the largest wet land and reed marsh in the whole world. The latitude and longitude is 36.6025 S and 174.6945 E

Type of Beach

Red beach is a passive coast that is located closer to the inside of a plate. Its classified as passive because plate movement does not affect it. It is a secondary coast that was formed by marine processes. It is a submergent coast because waters around it are rising.


Sand Color and Orgin

It is red from the red plant of the Suacida Salsa of the Chenopediaceae family. It is based in the biggest wet land and reed marsh in the world.

Other Features

There is no waves, it is a flat marsh land. The species that live in the marsh are limited due to the high alkaline but many different types of birds migrate here seasonally.
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Beautiful Sunset