BSMS Library News

Feburary 2015

Overall Information and Vandalism

February was similar to January with the numbers for student usage. Circulation decreased, but there was a week off and typical for this time of year. Circulation was higher this year when compared to last year. The library staff worked with 3572 students during this month in a variety of capacities. That’s an average of 275 students a day that received library services from Kathy or me.

Rooney teaching

Mrs. Rooney taught 14 classes this month. Due to the shortage of staffing we have seen more vandalism in the library. While Kathy and I are teaching there is no one to monitor the students coming in from classrooms. Please take note of the pictures where we were able to take pictures before removing from the shelves. More students and classes coming into the library means Kathy teaches more whole class lessons and less time assisting students and faculty when they come into the library.

Research Projects

Modified speed dating for Mrs. Sesslemen's English class and it was a success. Many times, we heard students being amazed that the library had books like this and they were really excited to take some out of the library. A student that is not focused on much, was the most focused dring this lesson and impressed both teachers.

Eighth grade rocked research this month. The Dust Bowl and Great Depression ended just as we began forensic science and body language. After researching some CSI material, Harlem Renaissance made its debut and students were amazed at the year the people were born.

Additional Library Business

Author visit

YAY, this is really coming true! We have been given $1200 from BSEF Thanks to Mr. Muller and Mrs. Motler for the $200 travel expenses. She will be coming on May 4th blocks 2, 3, and 4. I am so excited to be able to present this experience to an amazing group of kids!


Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Struffolino and I have put together a proposal for the SLMS conference April 30-May 2 centering on research and collaboration. We’ve called it, “Rockin’ The Research” and have been chosen to present! Currently, we have had a few meetings and continue to have some more so we will be able to present on 5/1.

Library Goals

We have finished overhauling our research center. So much of the books were out of date. I used some days to finish weeding and adjust the other sections of the library. The library flows better and allows for more display space.

SLMPE rubric was administered and all but seven people handed in their survey. We are complinng the results and a report will be sent soon.