computer components

read this leaflet to now some components

what is a computer made of?

A computer is made out of different types of computer computers such as a motherboard, a hard drive, a RAM and lots more of other computers components.

Motherboard,RAM,hard drive

A mother board is a printed circuit board containing the principal parts of a electronic device. A RAM is a type of computer memory card. A Hard Drive is a rigid non-removable magnetic disk with a large data storage

some of the top tips are:

dont leave the plug in without the computer plugged in to it

Alan Turing: Great Minds
Alan turning was the inventor of the first computer and the imitation game is all about Alan turning tried to decode the German codes.
THE IMITATION GAME - Official Trailer (2014) [HQ] Benedict Cumberbatch

who is Tim burners- lee?

this next video will tell you all about Tim burners-lee.
World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee