Weekly Update

September 5, 2019

#Bedifferent #Benice

I hope you are finding that the mindfulness time in the morning is helpful for students to start their day in a positive way. I find that the music alone is calming as I begin my day. We would love to hear feedback from you on how this is going in your classroom.

Schedules & Standards

If you have not already done so, please post your schedule outside of your doors. Also, remember to post the standards you are covering on your board or somewhere in the front of your rooms. Refer to them in kid friendly language as you let your students know what they will be learning each day.


If you have any concerns about students who have already been out a good bit or tardy, please send me their names.

SeeSaw & Dreambox

Make sure you are utilizing SeeSaw and have your parents signed up to receive messages. Sarah is going to be working with a couple of teachers next week to show them how to utilize Dreambox. Remember that we have received information if students work on Dreambox just 20 minutes a day, it increases achievement. Email Sarah with any questions that you may have about SeeSaw and/or Dreambox.

Hat Day

Remember to wear your #Bedifferent #Benice shirts tomorrow if you can. Also, we will be having Hat Day to raise money for the Thomas family. Rebecca is sending a message out on SeeSaw about this now.

Upcoming Dates:

Refer to our master calendar for upcoming dates. There are some PD sessions next week, so be sure to look ahead at the week.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Leave as early as you can tomorrow since we had a busy week.