WMS 3rd/4th Q. Spirit Week

Food Concessions-Menu

Friday, April 1, 2016

There will be a lot of food and beverages for sale during the Dance/Activity period after lunch. Be prepared with the correct amount of money by planning ahead!


SBG in front of 121A

Neon Accessories!

Sale starts at the beginning of lunch and runs throughout the Dance/Activity period.

Come on down to get your glow on!

7th Grade-Makai side of the cafeteria, under the eve closest to the stage.

Pizza $2.00 a slice

Choose from Pepperoni or Cheese.

Juice $1.00

Chess Club-Room 112

Various drinks $1.00

Japanese Club in front of 108

Spam Bowl $3.00

Ice cream (cookies & cream) 1 scoop = $1.50, 2 scoops = $2.00

assorted toppings: $0.25 each

8th Grade class in front of 109

Jamba Juice $5.00

Science Club in front of 111

Taste Tea $4.00 regular, strawberry or honeydew

Cookies $1.00 each


Photo Booth

Come on over o 121A to take a picture with your friends! The photos are free!

Movie Room #1-107 "Ant Man"

Must have a permission form to enter. Pick up your permission form when you sign up in 121A. Be sure to purchase your items from the concessions and check into your movie room by 12:45pm. Late arrivals will not be allowed entrance and be forced to go back to the dance.