The Burrowing Owl

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The Burrowing Owl

Habitat loss, and drought are just two of the many factors threatening Burrowing Owls in Alberta. Currently there are only 1000 pairs living in Canada, 800 of these pairs live in Alberta. Something has to be done to keep this owl in our country. Spread the word about the dangers facing the Burrowing Owl, or make a donation to one of the many organizations working to protect them. Right now, Burrowing Owls are being threatened in everyone of their strongholds in North and South America.

Support the Supporters

How you can Help Burrowing Owls

You can help by supporting the defenders of the Burrowing Owls by making a donation, or report a sighting of the owl. Tell people about the danger they are facing due to habitat loss, and always stay informed about their current situation. Even write a letter to the provincial government informing them about the owls current plight.

Organizations Helping Out

Operation Burrowing Owl and Nature Alberta are just some of the many organizations working to help protect and conserve the Burrowing Owl. These groups are in Alberta and throughout North and South America. Make a donation to Nature Alberta.