Miller Career & Technology Center

Advanced CTE Courses

What is Miller Career & Technology Center?

Miller Career & Technology Center serves as a central site for advanced Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses that are not offered at your home campus. Our innovative courses are available to juniors and seniors in Katy ISD and provides them the opportunity to explore and gain exposure to potential post-secondary options or career experiences. You will receive hands-on lab time using industry level equipment and software as part of the "real world experience."

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Click on any of the videos to get an inside look at a day in the life of our Miller students. If you want to learn more about any of the CTE courses we offer, simply click on the course name to find out how many elective credits it is, if there are any prerequisites and what certifications you could potentially earn!
MCTC Cyber Security/Computer Courses
MCTC Health Science/Vet Med Courses
MCTC Film/Digital Audio Courses
MCTC Arch Design/Engineering/STEM Courses
MCTC Auto/Culinary/Cosmetology/Law/Hospitality Courses
MCTC Education/PACE/OISM Courses