End of Course Final

By: Tate McClard

My Opinion

My Favorite Film

My favorite film would have to be Pearl Harbor because I loved all of the effects and I loved that it wasn't just about the history either, it had a love story to go along with it to keep you interested in the film. I love how it showed Japan spying on the U.S and planned this attack for a long time. I also liked how they showed it wasn't just one attack, it was two. I liked how it showed the U.S getting off the ground which wouldn't of been realistic, but it was still cool.

Biggest Impression on Me

The film that had the best impression on me is Cinderella Man because it shows how you would have a good job one minute and then the next you would be struggling to pay your bill. It also shows some life lessons as well. It shows how hard times were in America in those days.

My Least Favorite Film

My least favorite film would have to be Dancing with Wolves. It just wasn't that interesting during the middle and end. I didn't like how they made finding buffalo a main part of the film. It was sacred back then, but it is not sacred to me. There wasn't a lot of action in the film, it was more about rituals and morals. This film didn't have a lot of Hollywood in it either and all films need a little Hollywood to make them interesting.

Most Interesting Time Period

The most interesting time period to me would have to be World War II. We as america had a lot more advanced militia such as the Machine gun and airplanes. It just adds more excitement to the audience and the viewers. We also made some advances in technology, so the film production for World War II movies was a lot better than the rest of the time periods.

Course Questions

The Shaping of the United States

I believe in the United States, the events from the 1600-1945 has shaped us to become more cautious. For example, Pearl Harbor attack made us more aware of what we are doing now with warfare and what wars we go into. Another example is, we don't want to be known for bullying people so we are trying now to be nicer to other races.

My Image of The United States

This has shaped my image of the United States for one reason. Before this class, I always thought the United States were the innocent ones in everything. Now, I believe that we have been the bully country on some of these innocent people. For example, the Native Americans did not deserve to pushed out of their own territory. It wasn't ours to claim. Another example is World War II, when we decided we weren't going to join and looked what happened to us, we got nailed at Pearl Harbor. I believe we want to be the bullies and then act like we are innocent. This happens not a lot, but when it does it is very significant cases.