Redbone Coonhounds

By: Jules Toews


Redbone Coonhounds

Redbone Coonhounds were developed in the U.S. for hunting and is unknown internationally. They proved to be exemplary helpers by moving quick over rough terrain, through forests, lakes and rivers.

How they develped

In the 18th century, Scottish immigrants brought Red Foxhounds to America. Sometime after the Civil War hunters mixed Red Foxhounds with Red Irish Foxhounds and maybe Bloodhounds to make the Redbone Coonhound.

Redbones can be very athletic and energetic

Strength and agility

Redbone Coonhounds strength and endurance make it east to cover all the kinds of

terrain, even jumping over five feet high.


When they hunt, they hunt raccoons, big cats, coyotes, and even bears. Hunting for small animals in trees it is called treeing. If they can smell it they can find it.


The first generation of red scent hounds were called saddlebacks because of a marking on their back that looked like a saddle.