By best selling author Walter Dean Myers

Do we judge people by what they look like, or what they do?

"My job is to make sure the law works for you as well as against you, and to make you a human being in the eyes of the jury".

(Myers 16)

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MONSTER is a book about a young 16 year old boy, Steve Harmon. Sometimes good people can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and that very thing has happened to Steve Harmon. He is on trial for the murder of Mr. Nesbitt. With the fake testimonies of thugs in the neighborhood to the accusing statements of the prosecution, this is a very emotionally challenge in Steve Harmon's life that he will never forget.


"An insightful look at a teenage suspect's lost innocence."

- Publishers Weekly (starred review)


- Language Arts

"Chilling and engrossing"

- New York Times

Books Accolades

-Nomination of National book award for young adults, 1999

-Awarded the Michael L. Printz Award, 2000

-Named a Coretta Scott King Award, 2000