Women Deserve Equality In Voting!

August 20,1920 Written By: Amazing Muckraker Cooper B. Brady

Voting is unfair without a women's vote!

In elections and other important matters women are being unable to vote and this severely takes away the power women are trying to create. With no representation in voting women are struggling with making them self heard and making life better for them self's.
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Women's roles are changing!

Women are no longer housewives that just stay at home that cook and clean. Women are getting education and are going to college! They are getting high paying and powerful jobs! Because this is thus women deserve the same rights as men and the same respect! No women suffrage is just cruel to the women who are human beings just like men.
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Follow Up

Much needed changes were added to the constitution in August 26,1920. The 19 amendment is what gave women the right to vote. It is a good start but many things still need to change. For example pay and job opportunity's are not the same between women and men. However women will never stop fighting for the rights they deserve!