Treacher Collins Syndrome

Do you have it?

What is Treacher Collins Syndrome?

Treacher Collins syndromre is a condition that affects the development of bones and other tissues in the face.

Symptomes of Treacher collins syndrome include

  • Very small jaws line,an chin (micrognathia.)
  • Some are born with an opening in the mouth called cleft palate.
  • In serirous symptoms it can affect your air way.

What causes Treacher Collins Syndrome? What are the long term effects of this disorder?

Treacher Collins Syndrome is caused by TCOFL,POLRIC,or POLRID genes.

TCOFL and POLRID are dominant genes that can pass down the disorder.

Some long term of Treacher Collins Syndrome are

  • Cleft plate
  • Small jawbone
  • Dispropeffectsortionaly large mouth
  • Smaller or absent cheekyes bones
  • Large pointed noes
  • Droopy mishaped eyes witth notched lower lids
  • Absent lower lids
  • Low-set,misshaped,or absent ears
  • Over growth of scalp hair onto cheeks
  • Deformities of the ear canal

How can Treacher Collins Disorded be treated?

They are many different symptomes of Treacher Collins Disorder that are treated in different methods here are a few of the symptoms and treatments.

Hearing Loss

  • Bone conduction amplification
  • Speach therapy and Educational invention
  • Carnionfacial restruction

Cleft Palte Repair

  • -Zymatic and Obital reconstruction
  • -External ear recanstrustion


  • Positioning
  • Tracheostomy

Other facts about Treacher Collins Disorder

People can pass down or have the disorde without knowing.

60% of individuals have the disorde as a result of de-novo mutataion.

Each child of an individual with Teacher Collins Disorder has a 50% chance of inheriditing the mutation.