Fixing goat fences

Makayla Parker


We have goats and they always seem to find a new way to get out. We have fences but there are some holes in them and they always get out through there. We put cinderblocks to cover up the holes but then they stand on those and find a new way out so I think it's just time to put a new fence in with better protection.

What to do:

We are going to measure the perimeter of the area we are re fencing and then look up goat fences and see our best option! I chose to go to lowes and look up goat fences and I really like their options because they show good protection and have a variety of colors. I like the blue hawk rolled wire Galvanized steel welded wire (50-ft x 4-ft) and our perimeter is about 2500 feet and the fence we have now is 4 feet tall. So we would need to purchase about 50 of these rolls at $43.95 each. The total cost of the fences are $2,197.50 and we would install the fence ourself. You can use a shovel and some wood to finish the fence off.

How to install a goat fence:

-Measure out the perimeter of your area you are re fencing

-Measure out every 4-5 feet and dig a hole about 2 feet down and put a post in the hole and fill it back up with dirt

-Then you take another post and lay it across every 2 post and drill it in

-Take your wire/fence and start putting it on the outside of the area the goats are in but wrap it around the first pole you start with and drill it on.

-When you have the wire completely around the are you connect it together and make sure it is tightly secure

-Some may finish it off with some barbed wire or electric wire for more protection for livestock

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