By Vincent Roy Reyes Cadiz

Chocolates Healthy!

Did you know that chocolate is healthy. Well if you didn't here is why its healthy. Chocolate can reduce your body mass. Also chocolate is good for your skin. Chocolate can even control your coughs so if your sick just eat some chocolate so you don't cough to much.

Chocolate is in a Lot of Different Things

Chocolate is in lots of different things. Chocolate is in chocolate cake. Also you can freeze chocolate in a mold to make chocolate lollipops. You can even make chocolate sandwiches.

Chocolate is Really Good

Chocolate is one of the best candy. 52 percent of adults in the U.S.A. say that chocolate as a flavor the best. Lots of people like ti because its healthy. Also 18 1/2 of people in our class like chocolate better than other candy.