Iran National News

Iran's capital, Tehran, has some of the highest air pollution. An average of 27 people die a day from air pollution. Iran has a population of about 81,824,000 people.
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This is a picture of the Iranian flag.
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Ali Khamenei is Iran's leader.
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Most Iranian women wear something to cover their hair.

What's happening in Iran

Iran has started a Civil War because of people who can't decide if they like bananas or avacados better. Outsiders may think this Civil War is silly, but they don't understand how serious Iran is with their food. Avacados are being thrown at houses and the military has started whacking people that like avacados saying, " You are bananas!" We hope this war doesn't get many people hurt.
Iranians have been using their desalinization tools for building forts in their yard. Some say it relieves stress, and others say it is just fun. Some have been skipping work to do this. Protestors have been putting up signs about having no drinking water and trying to tear down some forts and take the supplies. This could turn violent any time.
People in Iran have been asking questions about true facts of the Sahara Desert. Iranians are struggling to find answers to these questions. Some people have been trying to bribe people of information. Please, if you know the answers, tell us 3 facts about the Sahara Desert.
Iran has been trying to farm crops, but they do not know what to farm. Egypt has 3 main crops that Iran is trying to get. They will need to pay a lot of money if they want to start. Grains, vegetables, and fruits are very expensive in Egypt because only Egypt has them. Iran is trying to steal them, so they can save their money for other things.
Iran is trying to build a canal like the Suez Canal, but they do not know how the canal is built. Only a small amount of Iranians know how, but they are holding back. They said that Iran has to pay a lot of money if they want the information. Iran is trying to pay less than they need to, but the people will not tell them. The people are asking for a bit more than what is needed. Iran has already started experimenting with smaller models.
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