Blaze Bulletin

Edition 20 - Week of January 26th



We will provide lunch on Wednesday (PLC Day) around noon. We'll do a technology session at the end of lunch (in the cafeteria), and then we'll let you all get to your PLC meetings.

Have a great weekend!

Leisa Justus

Principal, Blackman High School


School Calendar in iNow

Did you know that our school calendar is now available in iNow? Log in. Look under the "Home" section. Click on "School Events."

Meet Blackman's New Technology Planning Committee

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New Computer Lab

Did you know that we now have an additional, open computer lab available in C06? Many thanks to Mr. Childs for changing classrooms so that this would be possible. Many thanks to Mr. Mosier and his students for setting up the computers. The lab currently has 25 computers and more will be added later. Reserve the lab in the same way that you reserve G20 and G21.—Check the calendar online by going to the BHS website > Faculty (toward the bottom right) > Computer Lab Calendars. Then, email Holly the dates and class periods that you would like to use the lab.

Technology Minute

This week's Tech Minute highlights the Group feature inOffice 365. The group feature allows group members to communicate via conversation, share documents, and create a joint calendar. This would be a wonderful tool for PLCs, teacher committees, and more.

inow tip

Did you know that there is no need to send an email to the faculty when you are searching for a student? There is an easier way! 1. Click on Students on the left. 2. Click onStudent Maintenance. 3. Type the student’s last name into the last name box. 4. Click Search 5. Click on the binocularsunder the Locate column. Wherever you see the binocular icon throughout iNow, it will show you the student’

Coming soon!

The BHS website will be getting a new look soon. It will have a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Watch for it!

Upcoming dates in January.....

28 Early dismissal