Found Poetry from Night by Elie Wiesel

Surviving sample provided by Mrs. Willems

Like an orphan (72)

Sleep had fled (30)

Cherished objects (27)

Smashed, trampled (91)

Disappeared into the night shadows (28)

Slow Agony (62)

Don’t lose courage (38)

Never lose faith (29)

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Analysis & Explanation

Two of the central ideas in Elie Wiesel's Holocaust narrative were that of maintaining hope and trying to survive both the harsh conditions and the dehumanization forced upon the Jews by the Nazis. The above poem presents these ideas through the images created by the words - "Cherished objects/Smashed/trampled" shows the loss of hope and "disappeared into the night shadows" describes the loss and darkness experienced by Elie and his father. The last lines, "Don't lose courage...Never lose faith" represent what Elie had to accomplish in order to stay alive.