Question 4:

Eloise Hatton


To create my products I used media technologies, these helped me achieve them. Some technologies I already had experience with, however some I had not come across before, but this had its benefits as I was able to gain skills from learning how to use certain technologies. However, I was able to use the technologies to the best of my ability.

Research & Planning

Initially, I had to get information to provide in my documentary. Therefore, I used many methods to find out information such as the internet, which allowed me to search information, look up youtube videos and statistics, graphs and more.


Youtube videos allowed us as a group to figure out what would be best to base our documentary around when focusing on toys. However, whilst researching toy documentaries we realized they were solely based on collectibles, therefore we chose a different path. We decided to create something we hadn't viewed before, and focus the on the education side of toys. However, looking at documentaries gave us a quick but clear overview of the layout and codes and conventions of documentaries.

Codes and Conventions

To find out the typical codes and conventions of both a radio trailer and a print advert I used the internet to find out. This helped me build up my ideas and create them to the best of my ability. When finding out my research I then carried it out onto online programmes such as Prezi, Emaze, Powtoon etc.


As a group we created a questionnaire on Microsoft Word for our audience to fill out. We decided to create it on Microsoft Word as it provides a clear layout. The reason behind creating a questionnaire is because it gave us a more evident view of who we would target our audience for and what they enjoy.


We used photoshop a lot to create our three products, especially the print advert. It allowed us to add professionalism to our products as it provided us with the tools we need to edit and complete our final piece. For our print advert we used photoshop to brighten the image, this just allowed us to convey a more positive atmosphere throughout our topic.

Premiere Pro

Premiere was used to create both the radio trailer and the documentary. We took clips that we had filmed four our documentary or radio trailer and edited them into the programme, this then allowed us to choose which sections of the clips were most suitable. For example, some sections of our interviews were either irrelevant or the interviewee had made a mistake whilst being interviewed.