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First Presbyterian Church of Greensburg

September Youth Calendar

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60 Minute Missions Escape Room

Saturday, Sep. 11th, 1:45-3:15pm

116 East Pittsburgh Street

Greensburg, PA

60 Minute Missions offers immersive, interactive puzzle rooms where groups of friends, colleagues or family members are placed in a room and given a specific mission. They have 60 minutes to accomplish the mission by finding clues, solving puzzles and working together. During each mission, spend an hour as a real-life spy or secret agent in a special themed environment. Escape room experiences even leave you with the feeling like you’re in a character in a video game or an actor in a movie!

COST: $25 per player

PLEASE RSVP by calling the church office or emailing

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Youth Group Meeting

Sunday, Sep. 19th, 11pm-1am

FPC Youth Room

Games With Rick

Sunday, Sep. 26th, 11am-4pm

FPC Youth Room

We've been running a D&D 5e campaign. The kids play characters and interact with the Eberron game world guided by me. The kids work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles in a fantasy world setting that blends magic and machine. They've defeated pirates, saved a town by rescuing a dragon, and become movie stars. If cooperative storytelling sounds like fun to you, then this may be your scene.



If you are a member of the youth group and would be willing to assist on Sunday morning by being a lector, please let Martin know ( We would love to hear your voice in worship!



Searching for volunteers to help prepare and/or serve Second Sunday Supper.

Stay for as long or as little as you'd like.