2F News

September 10, 2015

Dear Families, hello and welcome to our first 2F newsletter! I will be sending one of these to you at the end of most weeks to update you on what we have done during the week and what is coming up. I will be including pictures as often as I can. Please note that this is a newsletter intended to communicate information and there will be times when your child is not pictured. This is not an intentional exclusion.

Important Information

Please note: Students must be in class by 8:15. This is a change from previous years that has been communicated in the AIS Student Handbook.

Students arriving after 8:15 will be sent to the office to get a tardy slip.


Shared Reading and Reading to Self

Shared Reading is an interactive reading experience that occurs when students join in or share the reading of a book or other text while guided and supported by a teacher. The teacher explicitly models the skills of proficient readers, including reading with fluency and expression. We have been reading many books to model a variety of skills such as Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon, Elmer and Hooway for Wodney Wat.

Students are also beginning to practice Reading to Self. This is 1 of 5 reading choices that students will be making during literacy time in our classroom. Reading to Self entails students choosing books at an appropriate reading and interest level, then reading quietly for increasingly longer periods of time to build stamina and comprehension. Next week we will begin with Reading with a Friend.


Students are reviewing addition equations and story problems. They are learning more about their doubles facts and re-grouping 2 addends to make 10, a benchmark number. As we don't have formal homework yet, this is a great opportunity for students to practice those math facts: at this time, students should be fluent with adding numbers through 10 and be working with numbers through 20.

Playing games with dice and cards are great ways to practice these skills.

What Makes Us Healthy?

Students have been learning about the different food groups and what makes a balanced nutritious meal. They brainstormed a list of their favorite healthy foods that they asked me to share with you. Here's the short version:

Fruits (fruit salad, fruit kabobs, cut up fruit)



Cheese or meat sandwiches on multigrain bread




Homemade fruit muffins


NOT allowed at school - Sometimes Foods, such as:

Nutella Sandwiches


Cookies and Biscuits


Fast Food

I've noticed that the class has been bringing in EXCELLENT healthy snacks this week - way to go parents and students!