Importance of 3D design

by jack craig

safety and efficencey

3D design is important for safety, for example if you creating a roller coaster it will tell you if the g force is strong enough to knock someone out, this is also important for checking if the roller coaster works and will not break while people our on it.

Also it can be changed so much quicker then making it and going wrong and having to rebuild it,this saves a lot of time. also you can see if the product looks attractive and even see if it is worth building maybe saving yo a lot of money.

It will help

in conclusion it makes the roller-coaster more attractive as you know what it will look like before its even made. also you know how much materials you will need to make it stopping you from over buying products or under buying, this might save money ass well as the points above. so all together i think its important that we have 3D design for safety and efficencey