Staying in the Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary School The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • Reading Goal Sheet information
  • Scholastic order forms (online order code: J7CGQ), due 9/15
  • dental health form

  • Monday, September 4: Labor Day (no school)
  • Thursday, September 7: Curriculum Night
  • Thursday & Friday, September 7 & 8: Grandparents & Grandfriends Day

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Mrs. D's Homeroom

Afternoon Fun with Mrs. Garrett's Homeroom

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"Where I'm From" poetry

Our process...

"Where I'm From" poems are our first piece of writing to publish for the year. We noticed and named patterns that we observed after reading poems from previous fifth graders. We named author's crafts that we appreciated from content to word choice. Some of us chose to model after these mentors and use their words for inspiration. We have enjoyed living as writers and poets!! As a class, we created a rubric to score our writing. Having a rubric helped us a ton while drafting and revising. We really impressed ourselves with how quickly we filled up our pages writing about the things that matter most to us. We hope you enjoy these published pieces when they are completed!
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Expectation Stations

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Our DFES family was able to get a refresher on school expectations. These reminders help us to remember to be mindful of those around us and in class so that we can keep our day running smoothly and productively.

We discussed LEAF:

Live & learn safely

Effectively communicate

Act kindly & respectfully

Focus on learning

We will carry out these behavior throughout the day and work towards being models for those around us :-)

Reading Workshop

Wow!!!! It has been incredible watching your children dive right into reading! As a group, they LOVE books! We have had a read aloud each day and their reactions to the texts have been so cool. In addition to implementing read alouds as a part of instruction, we have also begun independent reading time. We took time to establish the purpose of independent reading and why it matters for us, as well as, what this time should look, sound, and feel like for us. I am very excited for the growth we will make this year as readers!!

Read alouds from this week:

The Sandwich Swap

Each Kindness

If I Never Forever Endeavor

Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind
Voices in the Park

The texts allowed us to have great conversation around the ideas and terms: endeavor, perseverance, acceptance, diversity, perspectives, inquire, and stereotype

U.S. History: Reconstruction

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Ask your historian about this book!! What was your child thinking while hearing it read? What did they feel at different parts of the story? Who could they relate to...Pink or Say...why?

Today, we also had a visitor from Historic Columbia. She shared her Traveling Trunk artifacts to helps us understand how Reconstruction impacted South Carolina. I'm looking forward to sharing those photos with you in a couple of weeks.

Environmental Stewards

It is our goal to leave a positive impact not only on the lives we touch, but also on the environmental. We matter...and each decision we make matters to us and the others around us. We read The Lorax and set environmental goals for ourselves. Each of our goals are a bit different, but each are important to making a better world for us and future generations. We hope that you join in and set a goal for yourself or your family!
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First Week Reflections on Google Classroom

What was you favorite part of the first week of school?

"Reading time was favorite because it's peaceful and not a lot of noise"- Amari

"Getting to see my friends again"- Derek

"Getting to see everyone again! And meeting my new, nice, and amazing teachers."- Vanna

"Getting to see my friends and make more."-Tyler

"reading"- Mia

" I made new friends!!!"- Isa

"My favorite part is recess because we play football "- Boykin

"Reading baby sitters club.When it is reading time" - Ashley