I am Malala

By: Alyssa Lavdis


Malala is a 15 year old girl who stands up for what she believes in. Malala believes in a good education, and thinks girls should be getting same amount of school as boys do. In the book (pg.7) Malala quotes "I am Malala" and this is how her story starts. Malala was going to school one say when the Talbin came on her bus and asked who Malala was, last thing she heard was shots fired. Malala had some disabilities, hearing, writing. When her family came to visit she asked for them to bring books, she wasn't gonna let this shut her up. Malala won a Nobel Piece Prize and came to American for a short period of time. She will soon go back to her family in Pakistan and start school again. Malala has changed Pakistan.

Character Analysis


I am Malala is a character vs. character and character vs. society. Malala got shot for standing up for what she believes in. That is character vs. character because it's a person that shot her, but its also character vs. society because the Talbin is a group that is invaded Pakistan and Iraq. In Quotes (pg. 133 ) Malala states "Thank God I'm not dead." This was being said by here a week after the shooting happend. Malala didnt let someone trying to hurt he stop her, she knew it was coming after the Talbin posted the threat.


The theme of Malala is, never stop trying. Malala got shot and she wasnt gonna let that stand in her way. Malala said "Im not letting this stop me." Pg.164. The next couple weeks Malala was back in good condition and working on school. She taught younger kids and learned that sticking up for something could lead to big accomplishments.

Textual Evidence

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Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is "I dont mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All i want is a education, and i'm afraid of no one." This is my favorite quote because it shows who she is and how encouraged she is about education. It also shows how confident she is and how shes not afraid of anything.

Book Review

I think this book deserves 3 stars. This book deserves this because it explains the same concept over and over again. I already knew that Malala got shot because she wanted education. The only other things i learned in this book were where she lives and what she does in spare time.

Multi media sources

The story of Malala Yousafzai

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