how to survive in the Canadian wild

By: Giovanna rodriguez


~ how to get to the woods

~ how to make a first aid kit

~how to get fresh water

~how to find nature

~how to build a fire

~ how to build a tent

~ how to pack Food

~how to get Bug spray

~how to find a Flash light

~how to find a compass


In the woods their can be danger animals. Lets say for example their can be poisonous snakes, and if you think that some snakes don't bite their is always something in the woods that could bite you and could give you disease & could leave you red marks/rashes. Their is even coyotes, and if you see a coyote that's when you will try to alteast hide, so the coyote thinks no one is their. And if the coyote attacks you, you might need to get your first aid kit, . And to get in the woods of course you will need to find the woods first.

first aid Kit

A first aid kit is something you need to have with you so, you will be safe. For example like i said you when you are walking in the woods or the forest. This is what You will probably need to make a first aid kit, you will need the red mark container, the as-ma pump,(if you have as-ma) some water bottles, band-aids and emergency things like that.


Water is good for you, their is a lot of reasons why water is good for you. But i'm gonna tell you what i learn about how can water make you survive. Well what i know is that water keeps you hydrated. And if you don't drink water a lot you will probably get sick, because you aren't hydrated. All you need to do is find any kind of water and just fliter it out/clean it.


Where do i start, well nature is every where. But not all of nature is good. Half of nature is not healthy for you to be around, because some nature has poison ivy.The other half of nature is healthy, because that's where they have healthy trees growing, that are healthy. And nature isn't hard to find.


Fire is simple to make, all you need is wood , or branches it doesn't really matter. But you also need a lighter to light up the fire.If you don't have a lighter You can build a nest, Then get a piece of and a stick, put the stick on top and the wood and turn till it makes sparks.Make sure their isn't so much smoke coming from the fire, because others would think something is on fire, and will probably call and ambulance. And make sure you aren't surrounded around lots and lots of trees.


You need a tent to sleep in, if you are in the woods. What you need to build a tent, well At the very least you will need the tent its self the poles and the method of area. And then you will need a sleeping bag or a mattress to sleep on, (don't forget the blankets) .


Food is the most important thing you need to survive. Why? Well because food is what really pretty much keeps you alive, Well at least that's what i think. But anyway food is not as similar to nature but i could say that they both nature and food have a healthy side and a not so healthy side, because fruit & vegetables are healthy and their is also some other foods that are healthy too. but lemon eaten by its self is not as healthy. The steps to finding food will be in this web site,

Bug Spray

you need bug spray for the woods. Why? Because when you are in the woods its very difficult to keep stopping because you get itchy, because of the mosquito's./bugs And it is very hard to let the pain just sit their, That's why you need to at least get bug spray.

Flash Light

You need a flash light to see in the woods at night. You can also use a flash light for a light in your tent. Just in case if you are one of those who are scared of the dark. Or maybe not be scared but frighten.


I would keep a compass with me just to see if i'm going south,North,East or West. I would just feel more safe to keep a compass with me. You can even keep a compass in your first aid kit. That would safe more space.