Without magnesium we couldn't produce energy, so our muscles are in a permanent state of regeneration, and we couldn't adjust the degree of cholesterol generated and released into the blood flow.
magnesium in chlorophyll

Magnesium is the fundamental component in chlorophyll and also the cornerstone of ancient life on Earth.

Magnesium ions modulate over 300 biochemical reactions within the body through their job as receptor co-factors. They also play a very important part in the reactions which generate and utilize ATP, the basic unit of energy inside the human body's cells.

Magnesium is quite similar to zinc in regards to raising testosterone levels...

...Defiency in the two will badly lower testosterone levels, however if you are already having sufficient amounts of these minerals on the body, then megadosing together won't do much for your hormones.

Additionally, there are countless athletes, athletes, and world class coaches who swear by magnesium supplementation to get significant testosterone gains. While anecdotal reports aren't a substitute for science, it is almost always a fantastic idea to look closely at the actual experiences from real individuals and best coaches that are using any nutritional supplement, since they're frequently "ahead of the curve" since they do much more experimentation than anybody.

Suggested Intake: If you had been to precisely replicate the amounts utilized in the analysis, you would take 10 milligrams of calcium per pound bodyweight, therefore a 100 kg person (approximately 220 pounds) would require 1 gram per day. That is a lot. Better to use more logical doses. The RDA is roughly 420 mg. Per day for an adult man, so to boost testosterone production, experimentation with 750 mg. Per day for a couple of weeks and see exactly how you're feeling.

Within an 2009 study, investigators used a lab procedure called biochromotography to assess the impact magnesium had on sexual hormone binding globulin's capability to bind to testosterone. According to the writers, magnesium caused "uncompetitive inhibition of [calcium] on SHBG binding that resulted in an improvement of bioavailable testosterone".