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Crazy Train/ Thunderstruck Ozzy Osborn/ ACDC

Crazy Train/ Thunderstruck Ozzy Osborn/ ACDC

Crazy train and or Thunderstruck should go in one of any of the football games that they play; because its not a football game without crazy train



What its like - Everlast

In this scene Kurt has just agreed to take steroids. He is conflicted about this but he covers this up with hate for Crud bucket. I chose this song because it shows his desperation to never be hurt by anybody ever again.


Halloween theme song

In this scene the football bullies have just made there intentions known to harm Danny. Danny is home alone and receiving threatening text after threatening text when a car pulls into the driveway....


Still unbroken Lynyrd Skynyrd.

At this point in the story the team bands together and gets back onto the field after the coaches and captains got booed off. They may not have some of there strongest players, but they are still alive and fighting; and thats all that really matters.


Cary on Wayward Son- Kansas

Cary on Wayward Son- Kansas

This song should take place on the first snap of there last game. The wrestling coach has been pulled from the bleachers to finish coaching their game for them. The bullies are gone and the feud with the Gymnastics team and everything finally seems like it might be getting better.