Saving Paper, ink , and ENERGY

By Kellen, Mia, and ElleBelle

What energy/consumable habit needs to be changed at West?

The use on paper, ink and how much we spend on it. A way to save paper and ink is use

cleanprint it is a very efficient way to save paper. CLEAN PRINT TAKES out all ads all buttons tightens the margins and makes a clean article. It also uses less ink and recycled paper. It also lightens the font to a dark gray color that saves

50% more ink. Also they shrink your font size by one. Let’s say that you have a font of 24 it will shrink it to 23. That saves 25% paper. Now if you don’t have the money to get clean print that's okay you can just do these actions yourself. Its very easy to on google docs.

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Paper, Ink, and Money

West spend $1,599.60 on paper each month. That means we spend $14,396.40 on paper a year. For one big printer we spend $322,560 on ink a year , and in a month we spend $8,016.For one small printer we spend $54 per cartridge times 7 (for each small printer) which equals $378 dollars.

Ways To Save Paper

~ Look for treeless paper

Cotton was used to make paper. Now it is made by trees. Cotton paper makes money and it saves our oxygen.

~ Take advantage of technology

In our school we have a lot of technology. But we still use paper. A large reason why we hve the technology to save on money for paper. We use paper for many different things that we have on the iPads or computers.

~ Minus your font size by one every time you type a document, and you can barely tell the difference. This saves 50% more paper

~ Make your font color a very dark gray and it prints just like black but saves 25% more black ink.

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Save Paper to Save Forests

Paper Wastes On The World

~ Offices uses 3 tons of paper per month

~ Each office and school tries to save 20% of paper they use

~ Paper takes up 33% of our waste

~71 million tons of paper are wasted in the USA

~Smaller use of paper = Bigger Forests

~ Saving paper can be done in a number of ways, you will save many trees. It takes anywhere from 2 to 3 tons of wood to make one ton of paper. Did you know that the average New York Times printed for weekend reading soaks up 63,000 trees?