Decision Decision Decide

By: Alex Laudenslayer

Decision Decision Decide

I got a job in Ukraine at Kiev and the job was a lawyer. It is a fun job and it payed me $500.00 per week .Then I saved my money and I am deciding what to buy, Mustang or Lamborghini. But it was the hard choice for me, and I wanted both the Mustang and Lamborghini.

The Mustang GT is slower and not as powerful and the Mustang Boss is faster than GT Mustang, but the Lamborghini is five times faster than Mustangs. Sometimes Mustangs have problems with engines, and Lamborghini doesn’t have any problems with anything.

Mustangs cost $25,350 and the Lamborghini cost $ 800,000 but it is twice as an expensive than Mustangs. If I save less money I will buy Mustang. If I work hard I can buy the car I like the best. Work hard you can buy many things you want.

After I looked at the prices and I waited until the price drop down but the price didn’t drop down. ask for the better price to buy the car . Or I can look for the nice used car. Maybe I can look online for other people who are selling a car. If there is small problem with the car I might know how to fix it.

When I saved all of my money for a long time I decided to buy Lamborghini, and I reached my goal to get Lamborghini. I felt great for the car I wanted and I know that I will take care of my car. I glad I used decision making process.

I made right choice because I saved my money to by that car I wanted.