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Purpose statement

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment was to see which veggie had the most energy. I became interested in this experiment when my older brother did an experiment to find out which health drink had the most electrolytes.The information gained from this experiment will help others learn more about energy from veggies.



Electrolytes are responsible for keeping the body properly hydrated so that our bodies can function properly. Electrolytes are ionic solutions or salts. People can get electrolytes from bottled beverages or naturally from food. Most fruits and veggies are good sources of electrolytes; so are nuts and seeds. Bananas are full of potassium which is a great form of electrolytes.

Electrochemistry is a kind of chemistry that studies chemical reactions that use or make electricity. Reactions like this happen as electrodes that are made from something that conducts electricity and put in an electrolyte. An electrolyte is a solution that has ions on it. The ions are attracted to the opposite electrode creating a current in the solution. Veggie batteries use electrolytes to generate voltage.



My hypothesis is a carrot will register the highest voltage. I base my hypothesis on the fact that people say that carrots are good for your eyes.



Vegetables: Carrot, potato, tomato, cucumber

Digital multimeter

Alligator clip wires

Zinc plate

Copper plate

IV: Type of veggie

DV: Voltage generated

CV: Spacing of electrodes

CV: Temperature of the veggie



1. Hook up all of the cords to start.

2. Get each veggie ready for the test.

3. Attach the Zinc plate and copper plate to the first veggie.

4. Read the multimeter

5. Write down the name of the veggie and the amount of energy

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the rest of veggies.


The original purpose of this experiment was to see which veggie had the most energy. The results of the experiment were based on the size of of the nail and the copper wire. And posably the room temperature.


My hypothesis was a carrot will register the highest voltage. The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered correct. Based on the results of this experiment a carrot is better for you. If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would possibly change the room temperater or do different sizes of the wire or the nail.


My mom and my older brother Justin
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