The Kingdom of Kush

By: Kallie and Maci



Kush is a lost culture. It was in Africa. They thrived from about 2000 BC to about 350 AD. Kush had 3 different capitals Kerma, Napta, and Moroë. They trained elephants. The boys learned how to trade and do pottery. The girls learned to cook, clean, and do pottery. The women cooked and clean. The women wore long skirts. They burried the dead queens and kings in "mounds." The end of the Kush!! The buildings began to crumble, the preists stopped writing. The smelting industry used all the trees, and they were attacked by nomads. It was destroyed never to be seen again. Then one day in 1960 some artifacts were found during a dam construction, water spilled out and uncovered the artifacts.


1. Why do we know so much more about ancient Egypt than about Kush?

Kush was destroyed by 350 A.D. Ancient Eygpt led to the present day Egypt which is still around today.

2. Why was Moroë a good choice to be the capital city of Kush?

Moroë was a great place. They had kings and queens. They had their own alphabet and a great place to trade

3. What special skills made the Nubians so admirable?

They had a iron smelting industry.

4. Do you think it is important to study and preserve remnants of ancient cultures such as Kush? Explain your answer

Yes. You always need to learn some new facts. You just might fond out you could be form that cultrue.

Compare the ancient kingdom of Kush with another ancient culture you have read about.

The kingdom of Kush is like the Ancient Egyptions. The Egyptions built pyramids. They also had a king or queen.

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The Book

Kingdom of Kush

By: Harley Farewell