Anti Bullying

By Lani Haddad and Larysa Kornitschuk

The Different Types of Bullying

There are multiple types of bullying.

1. Cyber Bullying

2. Physical Bullying

3. Social Bullying

4. Verbal Bullying

5. Mental Bullying

These are all types of bullying. All four of these types of bullying affect peoples lives.

The Effects of Bullying- on adolescents physical, social and mental health.

The affect bullying has on adolescents world wide is very serious and affects many people daily. It affects their whole life including the physical, social and mental health.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: The impact bullying has on an adolescents physical health is one of the most serious aspects that bullying affects. It can lead to the loss of sleep and for the victim to be feeling stressed. Bullying can lead someone to physically hurting them self.

SOCIAL: An adolescents social health gets dramatically impacted by bullying. Victims will normally avoid people and will close them selves off to the world. This affects their social because this might start problems with their friends. Locking themselves out means avoiding or ignoring people, not talking (in person or digitally) to anyone.

MENTAL HEALTH: Bullying seriously affects someone's mental health because it changes the way victims feel about themselves and the world. It can lead to worrying or stressing 24/7, feeling self conscious and not concentrating much at school. Victims can't always control this and that is when it gets serious.

Bullying affects people's physical, social and mental health. It affects adolescents lives all around the world. It is an issue that needs to be stopped immediately.

Strategies for Coping with Being Bullied

People you can talk to-

  • Anybody you trust
  • Parent/s
  • Friends/s
  • Family (extended and close relatives)
  • Teachers
  • Councillors
  • Former victims of bullying

Reccomended Websites for Students to Use-

BULLY (A Short Animation film)
Bully Zero Australia Foundation

Bully Zero Australia Foundation really helps victims of bullying. It shows teachers and parents what to do if they witness bullying and how to help prevent it. It helps victims get through their hard times and how anyone can stand up to victims.

National Center Against Bullying

The 'National Center Against Bullying' helps victims of bullying. It gives support to the parents and teachers with children facing bullying. Their professionals help victims and help them get htrough and recover from bullying.