Industrial Revolution

Inventions, Child labor and more. : Edward Louis Keating IV

A Little About It.

So the revolution was all about moving from hands to machines. This was a huge step for mankind as a whole. Now when it began people started moving to major cities. Which overpopulated the cities, this in turn created even bigger booms in factories because of the job need but also helped spread disease and that formed the poor laws. Because of the overpopulation sanity levels where very low. There was horse waste on the streets and human waste in the water the smog in the air polluted anything that came near the cities.

Here are some of the People who Started the Boom.

Alexander Gram Bell, Henry Ford, and James Watt, Alexander created the telephone which revolutionized communication making it instant and starting a huge chain reaction. Henry started the idea of the conveyor belt and mass produced cars. This made cars cheaper and for the masses making travel easier. James improved the steam making it a reliable engine this made it so an engine could be but anywhere.

Child Labor.

In the beginning of the Industrial Revolution many greedy business owners employed children to work for little to almost no pay. The conditions of these factories was horrid, and the way people (children even worse) where treated was terror inflicting opon the workers. Machines where deadly and so dirty that children came out covered in soot. Because of this children where pulled out of school at an early age to work in factories. At the time of the Industrial Revolution there where no laws keeping children from working so all of this was completely legal.

The Assembaly Line.

Henry Ford was the pioneer of the assembly line making a giant leap for industry. If this man had not pioneered the idea of one person doing the same job over and over again, instead of doing the whole thing himself computers, phones, and T.V.s would be even more expansive. When this happened it created a whole new set of jobs and items. With all the new jobs being put out many people wouldn't be so poor which in turn cleaned up the streets of the major cities. All of what cities are today is because of the assembly line, and if they didn't have the lines the economy as a whole would be something so different.