Choose Your Words

Week of February 13th - 16th

Kinder - 2nd

Watch the video clip BELOW with your students. (You will have to read it to the students as it plays.)

Use the following questions to facilitate a discussion with your students.

How can our words hurt?

When have you been hurt before by words? (Remind them not to share names)

When might you have hurt someone else with your words?

Why does knowing about our differences help us to not hurt others with our words?

What's is something that you and a friend don't have in common? (Like the friends from the video. One didn't like Frozen and one did.)

How is a compliment a great way to use your words to fill someone's bucket?

What character lab traits does this class meeting tie into? (Help your students make this connection if need be.)

Application: Practice complimenting peers in class. Pick someone at home to compliment.

Future Challenge: Compliment a new friend in class each day until you have complimented all your classmates.

3rd - 5th

Start off by having students watch the video clip BELOW.

Use the following questions to facilitate a discussion with your students?

Why do you feel words are so powerful?

In what ways do we sometimes forget that?

What are some examples of words that have lifted up your spirits like the ones in the video?

What is a genuine compliment? (3rd might have to help some with the genuine part.)

Think of three people that you would like to compliment or build up with words, and plan your words right now. Write them down so you don't forget to share those compliments.

How do you think showing gratitude towards others builds both you and them up?

What character lab traits does this week's class meeting tie into?

Future Challenge: Find 3 new people to compliment each week. Try to go outside of your normal comfort zone and find new people to compliment.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary