The Magnificent Magnesium

By: Jack Menifee

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Physical, and Chemical!

The physical properties of Magnesium are it's silver shine, as well as it being metal, it is pretty light, weighing about 1.738mL, so it would still sink in water. the chemical properties are that it isn't the most reactive element, although it is reactive. The element itself is flammable, and magnesium is found in a number of different compunds

Location! Whats it mean?

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The element magnesium is located on the right side of the periodic table, the metal portion. It is in the 3rd period and 2nd group, meaning it has 3 electron rings and 2 valance electrons, making it not all that reactive

Mg3N2, or Magnesium Nitride is a compund formula magnesium can be found in

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Magnesium, Its not magnetic, its metallic!