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Friday, September 16, 2016

Classroom Volunteers

As I stated at Curriculum Night, I love having parents involved in our classroom. Whether that being a few times each year or as a regular weekly volunteer, I would love to have you come in and assist. Here is a Sign-Up Genius with the jobs and activities that are needed. . Please be sure to sign up before September 28. We will begin our volunteer schedule the first full week of October.

The Week in Review

Math: We worked on rounding numbers, as well as telling time. I have noticed that many students are still struggling with telling time. At this point, they should be comfortable reading a clock to the nearest 5 minute increment and work on mastering time to the nearest minute by the end of the trimester. Here is a link to clock games.

Science: We began our water unit and explored the concept of surface tension. Next week we will investigate how the slope can impact the flow of water, as well as begin to experiment with how temperature impacts water.

Reading: We are still working on establishing positive routines that support a learning environment. This week we practiced our Read to Someone routines. In addition, your child should have brought information home about their Flat Stanley Home Art Project. This will be due on the 22nd, so it would be great to start it this weekend or even on our 1/2 day on Tuesday.

Writing: We have added a few entries to our writer's notebooks. We will complete a few preassessments next week!

Social Studies: Tomorrow marks the 229th birthday of the United States Constitution. Today we celebrated it by having a short discussion on the constitution and focusing in on the preamble. A class from New Mexico broke up the preamble into kid-friendly words. We illustrated a class book to go along with it.

Can Honoring Passion Raise Test Scores?

At Curriculum Night, I talked about my hopes to nurture your child's passion and integrate it into our academic learning. When I got home, I surfed through my Facebook, and I came across a post with some stories and studies on how honoring passion can increase a student's test score. Check it out!

Tumble Books

This week we read The Dot on Tumblebooks, and then today the students were given free choice in reading along with books on the site. Afterwards students completed a Padlet with reflections and recommendations. Here is a link to the library that will allow you into Tumblebooks.
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Have a Great Weekend!

Remember...Next Tuesday is a Half-Day!