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June 3, 2016

This week

Can you believe it's already June!? Time flies when we're having fun!

This week the Navigators were so excited to find out that our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises! They loved observing them in Discovery as they flew around the net. We fed them sugar water and made some observational drawings. We released them on Thursday. We also enjoyed discussing the life cycle of a chicken to prepare for the Wagner Farms field trip. We watched a video of a chicken hatching from it's egg. We discussed how hens lay the eggs. Next, a hatchling appears, then grows to be a chick and then an adult chicken. We made a life cycle wheel to show the various steps.

Snack Schedule

We have enough snack for the rest of this school year! Thank you!


Young Performers:

This week, the Young Performers engaged in Reader's Theater with the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The students recreated a caterpillar’s journey from a tiny egg on a leaf to a beautiful butterfly, while identifying and 'eating' a variety of foods in between. Through discussion about the story, the students demonstrated understanding of metamorphosis and the life cycle of a caterpillar. Additionally, the activity required retention of story lines, cooperation, representational play, impulse control, and listening. I have been so impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and investment in performing this year. They have come up with creative ways to express themselves, and have worked well together as an ensemble. I hope they each continue to grow in the ways they communicate with and express themselves to others, and that they each feel more comfortable “performing.” Thank you for a lovely year.

Maren Andersen

Psychologist / Performer

Music: This week was our last music class of the year. The students played a freeze dance song and when the music stopped, they placed a different body part on the carpet based on the card Mrs. Blair was holding up. She then read a Take me Out to the Ballgame book. Many student knew the song already and sang along!


This week was our last week for library. Mrs. Nolan read us Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you? by Dr. Seuss, Henny Penny and an Elephant and Piggie book.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, June 7-Field Trip to Wagner Farm

Thursday, June 9- Last Day of School

Mystery Explorer

Our Mystery Explorer this week was Justine's mom! She read us 2 stories!

Upcoming Summer Birthday's

Ryan-June 25

Lauren-July 9

Georgie-August 14

Young Explorers Early Childhood Program Has Fall Openings

District 28’s unique Young Explorers program has openings in fall 2016 for 3 and 4-year-olds. The program is held in the morning, five days a week, following the District 28 school year, at Westmoor School. Students are enrolled into the program through Early Intervention or through a play-based screening. Screening spots are available for June 3 and August 1, 2016.

For more information or to schedule a screening, please contact Nancy Jones, Administrative Assistant for Early Childhood at 847-504-3809 or email program director, Jenna Duffy, at