Pay It Forward

By Sophia

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Sophia Ollenburg

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we were all nice. It all starts with you, and everyone around you. because we are in this together. If we all take a stand and help the earth to be a better place because everybody will all be nice and it would be a better place to learn. It all starts with taking a stand and helping others do the right thing and being a better person on the earth. Now lets talk about random acts of kindness and Paying it forward

I think we all have a time that we bully someone and that's why I am writing this because we all need to be a little nicer because if the earth was covered with dark mean people that would be bad we don't want to start it. You know it is very common to fight with your siblings like your sister or brother but we want to stop and set a good example for your love ones and mavy if you have a little brother or sister set a good example you don’t want them to grow up mean and nasty.I am not trying to tell you that your little sister or brother is going to grow up like a criminal and steal things. No,No It’s just that you want you to set a good example and then they will set a good example for someone else it’s like a chain of being nice.

if your mom or dad tell you to clean your room do it don’t whine or say a excuse just do it. You don’t realize how much your mom and dad do for you. First of all they feed you. There are hungry starving kids in our country and other places to. They get nothing to eat for days and maybe even weeks. Second, your parents give you shelter. Know I know that all of you have a house but some people don’t even have a house and they live on the streets and they don’t have any money, so we want to help and some churches go to Haiti and these places and give them food and water and shelter too. So your mom and Dad pretty much do a lot of things for you.

Almost every town has a bank but not a food bank.A food bank is a bank of food.A lot of time’s people give money or food to the food bank and then they give it to someone in need.Have you heard of Mary's Meals? They give meals to people who don’t have much and they give them a meal.Only 99 cents a day for one meal for one kid.HOW KIND!

I hope you really start to pay it forward you could really help us be a better person,Earth and a thousand more. Hope you PAY IT FORWARD!

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